Monitoring the conditions and status of your cargo is critical during the whole journey. With our new technologies, you can enjoy enhanced visibility and management of your cargo.

SMART dry container

Monitor the conditions and status of your dry cargo during the whole transport thanks to SMART dry container powered by Traxens.

  • Enhanced visibility

    Route Obtain greater end-to-end visibility, with cargo data provided close to real-time, at anytime, from anywhere.

  • Cargo condition and security

    Container-Pin Stay informed of your containers' GPS positions, external temperature, shocks, as well as movements like door openings.

  • Simple process

    Gearing Easily installed, the device is delivered directly by CNC to the requested depot.

  • Superior platform

    Bell Customize checkpoints and receive data and alerts based on your needs.

  • Optimise supply chain

    Optimization Identify irregularities in your supply chain in time to implement corrective actions to reduce operating costs and optimise your business.

How does it work?

  • Seamless tracking of your cargo anywhere, anytime with next-generation connectivity.
  • Efficient analytics, easy setup of alerts and personalized notifications via a user-friendly hub.
  • Without impacting your business, CMA CGM group can supply empty containers equipped with TRAXENS technology upon request at the time of booking.


SMART reefer container

Powered by Emerson, SMART reefer container monitor the condition and status of your reefer cargo during the whole journey.

  • Enhanced visibility

    Route Access an overview of all your reefer shipments along with real-time cargo monitoring for advanced door-to-door visibility.

  • Reinforce your cargo security and quality

    Container-Pin Key reefer data such as GPS container position, temperature monitoring features and reports can be retrieved with a GSM technology.

  • Supply chain optimization

    Optimization Operating costs can be reduced by detecting anomalies instantly and implementing corrective measures. Alerts are set to identify container conditions during the transport. Alerts can also be shared with partners.

How does it work?

  • Reefer containers are equipped with Emerson technology for improved visibility.
  • Easy and friendly dashboard to monitor the conditions of your reefer container.
  • Notifications can be set up according to your needs during the whole journey: off power, pull down, carbon dioxide, oxygen and relative humidity.


As a result of SMART dry container's door-opening monitoring and geofencing features, security of our containers has improved and we see a drop in number of thefts.

StaceyGlobal transport director for a clothing company.

We have successfully reduced extra inland costs and relevant penalties with SMART dry container's alert and geofencing features.

JamesSales and marketing manager for an automobile manufacturer.