A whole new approach to handle claims in case of damage to your cargo – comprehensive coverage without lengthy disputes or administrative procedures.

  • Your cargo value is protected door-to-door

    door-to-door A cost-effective and easier way to manage your supply chain even with merchant haulage.

  • One point of contact

    Tower-CmaCgm Liaise directly with us.

  • No more lengthy legal disputes

    Service-Serenity Regardless you are liable or not, CNC will compensate you up to the full guaranteed value*.

  • Comprehensive coverage

    Preserve cargo's quality Extensive coverage that includes temperature variations of refrigerated containers as well as Force Majeure.

*According to SERENITY cargo value guarantee terms and conditions.

We are an international company and we ship goods to many destinations including unsafe areas. Some ports and roads are not safe and we were hit by numerous robberies in the past. We have now decided to protect our cargo value with just a small price for total peace of mind!

Mathis Risk manager for a furniture multinational