Transporting liquids? Here's the most economical and efficient solution for the transportation of liquids in 20' and 40' refrigerated containers.

  • Ship larger volumes

    Container-3D Able to safely carry up to 26,000 liters in a single trip and recover 10% to 30% more payload compared to standard drums and intermediate bulk containers.

  • Economical and user friendly

    Save-time-money Prepacking is not required before export. Loading/unloading only requires 60 minutes.

  • Exceptional preservation of quality

    Container-Temperature Temperate can be accurately controlled between -25°C and +30°C. Aseptic processing is optional.

  • Eco-friendly and hygienic

    Ecocalc With the single-use bag and optional aseptic Camlock valve, contamination can be prevented. The single-use bag is fully recyclable.

How does it work?

  1. 1 The REEFLEX LIQUID READY monobloc flexitank is set up in the reefer container by CNC experts.
  2. 2 Liquid is loaded or unloaded through a bottom valve Camlock using an external pumping system.
  3. 3 Throughout the entire shipping journey and delivery, the liquids are kept at the correct temperature in a confined environment.
  4. 4 Liquids are stabilized due to the anti-wave technology, hence preventing surging and sloshing.