To offset your outstanding CO2 emissions, opt for POSITIVE OFFSET which allows you to take part in socio-environment projects worldwide and earn Gold Standard and VCS carbon credits.

  • Offset your emissions via sustainable projects

     Ecocalc In partnership with PUR Projet, a recognized player in promoting sustainable agricultural practices, you can compensate you remaining emissions with long-term initiatives such as reforestation and social projects. All of the projects are accredited with the highest standards.

  • Get gold standards certificate

     Hand_eco Receive a Carbon Credit Certificate for the CO2 amount compensated every quarter and a Contribution Certificate for your positive impact on local populations.

  • Help local communities

     Document_check With POSITIVE OFFSET you can contribute to socio-environmental projects lead by NGOs and local organizations who are aiming at having a positive impact on the local communities.

How does it work?

  • Issued by our partner PUR Projet, you will be provided with Gold Standard carbon credits (Verified Carbon Unit Removal Certificate) when you opt for POSITIVE OFFSET.
  • It certifies the retirement of the VERUs (Voluntary Emission Reduction Unit) on the Official Gold Standard Registry.
  • POSITIVE OFFSET can also be used to cover inland GHG emissions.
  • Certificates indicating the CO2 offset during the quarter will be delivered at the end of each corresponding quarter.