With our range of dehumidification services, you can preserve the quality of your humidity-sensitive cargo from origin to destination.

  • Maintain your cargo's quality

    Preserve cargo's quality Despite being sensitive to humidity, with our special container preparations, the quality of your cargo can be preserved regardless of transport conditions.

  • Meet your special needs in transportation

    Commodity - Electronic devices and equipment.
    - Cargo with high-fibre content such as furniture, agricultural products (grain, cocoa beans, onions, avocados, etc.), clothes and other fabrics.
    - Packaging materials such as pallets, cartons and cardboard.

How does it work?

Leave it to our CNC experts to guide you in choosing the most suitable option for your cargo. For instance:
  • Supplying containers with eco-friendly bamboo flooring, which has natural humidity-control features.
  • Lining the interior of the container with cardboard or craft paper.
  • Inserting bags of silica gel into your container for protection of your cargo from humidity.
  • With DRYFREIGHT BAGS humidity control, desiccant bags containing calcium chloride are inserted into the container to absorb moisture in the surrounding air. These bags can be installed horizontally above the cargo or hung from the container lashing rings.

Please contact your usual sales representative to check the availability of all our CONTAINER humidity control solutions.