Minimize the impact on your business in the event that our containers are accidentally damaged in your custody. By choosing the SERENITY container guarantee Standard or Premium offer, you can limit or avoid container repair costs.

  • Minimize your costs

    Cash-position Protect the cash flow of your business with:

    • Standard offer: Your repair costs will be limited to USD 250 per container. CNC will not charge you any repair costs above this amount.
    • Premium offer: Upgrade to this solution and avoid all repair costs.*

  • Be protected with comprehensive coverage

    Container-Temperature-Explosion Benefit from coverage which includes breakages, fires, explosions, collisions, road accidents and leakages.

*Please refer to our SERENITY container guarantee (standard and premium) terms and conditions for the restrictions in case of total loss.

How does it work?


SERENITY container guarantee fits my needs and helps with significant cost savings as repair costs for accidental damage to a carrier's container can be high. In case accidental damages happen to containers while under our care, we know that we will never have to pay more than USD250, and there will not be any disputes - thereby allowing my team to focus on the business as usual.

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