You can now choose to ship more responsibly with our CLEANER ENERGY biofuel. Our second-generation biofuel is able to reduce at least 84% of the carbon emissions caused by your shipments.

  • Reach your carbon-reduction goals

     Hand-Eco Let CNC help you achieve your sustainability goals. With our CLEANER ENERGY biofuel reduce well-to-wake (whole fuel production and utilization cycle) emissions by 84% and tank-to-wake emissions (the moment the fuel is used) by 100%.

  • Receive a certified verification for your reduction in emissions

     Document_holder Verified by an independent third-party, the entire Framework is compliant with ISO 14020, 14021 and 14067. You will receive a verified declaration of reduction in emissions.

How does it work?

  • Based on the Mass Balance Concept*, CLEANER ENERGY biofuel is available across all our services.
  • The Mass Balance Concept is a method to diversify our energy mix by monitoring the energy utilization and allocating to specific traffics.
  • A declaration, specifying the amount of LNG used and its related CO2 savings, is then sent to our customers.
  • To offset your remaining CO2 emission, opt for POSITIVE OFFSET service.

*Information about the entire methodology is available on our website.

Learn more about biofuel

The CMA CGM Group uses UCOME (Used Cooking Oil Methyl Esther), a second-generation biofuel to avoid detrimental impacts on agricultural lands and forests.