Worried that your valuable cargo may be stolen during transportation? Protect against theft with this simple and effective security solution.

  • Keep your cargo safe

    Padlock Enhance security with our steel barlock security device.

  • Safeguard against loss and relative costs

    Piggybank Reduce the risks and insurance premiums by securing the containers that carry your valuable cargo.

  • Fuss-free process

    Gears CNC delivers the device directly to the requested depot and can be easily installed.

  • Suitable for these commodities

    Commodity High-value cargo such as high-tech and luxury products, beverages, shoes and garments.

How does it work?

  • Steel-made BARLOCK security devices are easily installed on the container to secure doors.
  • The locks can only be unlocked at the destination using a circular steel saw. This makes it much more difficult to open than your container with a regular seal.
  • The BARLOCK number is added to the Bill of Lading (B/L) so that it can be traced.

With so many parties involved in our supply chain, we wanted to make sure our goods in the containers remain safe and protected, especially those loaded with high-value electronic goods. With the BARLOCK security device, the protection of our cargoes has improved.

MarcusSupply chain manager for a high-tech company