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Launch of 3 New Feeder Services to Enhance Connectivity in Intra-Asia

We are pleased to announce the launch of 3 new feeder services, SRG, PLM and BMT, to enhance connectivity in Intra-Asia.

The new SRG service will call at the ports of Singapore and Semarang twice a week. Shipments onboard SRG can connect to the regional and global network of the CMA CGM Group via the transshipment hub of Singapore.

SRG Port Rotation
Singapore – Semarang – Singapore

Effective Vessel Voyage
SINAR SUNDA (0KM01S1NC) ETA Singapore 3 May 2021

SRG map

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With the new PLM service, we will expand our extensive port coverage in Indonesia to Palembang, a niche port located in South Sumatra. Customers with exports of Indonesian products such as rubber, plywood, fertilizer and coffee can rely on this weekly service for transshipment through Singapore.

PLM Port Rotation
Singapore – Palembang – Singapore

Effective Vessel Voyage
PAC CERGAS (0KS01R1NC) ETA Singapore 7 May 2021

PLM map

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The new weekly BMT service shuttles between the ports of Singapore and Bangkok. BMT will double-up as an alternative shipping choice for Bangkok-bound cargoes from Singapore.

BMT Port Rotation
Singapore – Bangkok – Singapore

Effective Vessel Voyage
KOTA HANDAL (0KG01N1NC) ETA Singapore 10 May 2021

BMT map

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