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New NCX3CP8 service connects China, Vietnam and the Philippines

We are pleased to announce the launch of the NCX3CP8 service, which will connect the ports of Vietnam, the Philippines and China.

NCX3CP8 offers fast transit times from China to Ho Chi Minh City. The service will also establish a new connection from Ho Chi Minh City to Xiamen, facilitating shipments between these cities.

Shipping cargoes directly from Vietnam to Manila, NCX3CP8 will offer a more efficient alternative to trans-shipment.

NCX3CP8 Rotation
(Southbound) Shanghai – Ningbo – Shekou – Nansha – (Northbound) Ho Chi Minh City – Hong Kong – Shekou – (Westbound) Xiamen – Hong Kong – Shekou – (Eastbound) Manila North – Manila South – Shanghai

Effective Vessel Voyage
Southbound: GREEN DAWN (0HT17S1NC) ETA Shanghai 30 April 2021
Northbound: GREEN DAWN (0HT18N1NC) ETA Ho Chi Minh City 9 May 2021
Westbound: GREEN DAWN (0HT19W1NC) ETA Xiamen 16 May 2021
Eastbound: GREEN DAWN (0HT20E1NC) ETA Manila 23 May 2021


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