Press Release

31Aug 2018
Manila Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) for China/Manila cargos

CNC would like to implement Manila Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) for all China ports to Manila laden shipment from 15th of Sep, 2018.

29Jun 2018
Cambodia inbound CIC charge implementation

CNC will implement/adjust Container Imbalance Charge (CIC) for all laden shipment from China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea to Cambodia ports.


29Jun 2018
Ho Chi Minh inbound CIC Adjustment

CNC will adjust Container Imbalance Charge (CIC) for all laden shipment from All ports other than Japan to Ho Chi Minh.

15Jun 2018
Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) Surcharge Implementation

CNC will recover bunker costs through its bunker related surcharge which will be applied to all cargo below scope with following implementation date and amount

13Jun 2018
CCAM fee for all China inbound (incl. TS) cargos

Regarding the CCAM rule to apply for whole China ports since 1st of Jun, we confirm to impose the CCAM charges together as what we do for SHA and XMN cargos at present.


31May 2017
New Development: STV service

CNC is pleased to announce a new weekly coverage from South China, Thailand, Vietnam commence on 29th June.


14Jul 2017
Singapore Documentation Fee adjustment

CNC have decided to adjust Singapore documentation fee for all outbound and inbound Intra Asia laden shipments.

30Jun 2017
Vietnam Ports Terminal Handling Charge Adjustment
CNC will adjust the Terminal Handling Charge (THC) for all outbound/inbound laden shipments in Vietnam.
25May 2017
CNC Malaysia & Brunei Terminal Handling Charge (DG Cargo)
CNC will introduce the Terminal Handling Charge (THC) for outbound/inbound laden DG cargos in Malaysia and Brunei.