Press Release

13Aug 2015
Explosion in Tianjin

An explosion near Tianjin port on 12th August resulted in port closure and berthing delays consequently. Customs House Building was damaged which resulted in delays to cargo clearance for both imports and exports. While some shipping lines have announced port omissions, CNC continued to offer Tianjin coverage. Dangerous Cargoes imports and exports have been forbidden by Tianjin Terminal authorities until further notice.

29Jul 2015
China Ports Terminal Handling Charge Adjustment

CNC will adjust the Terminal Handling Charge (THC) in China for all China outbound laden shipment only with effective date on 1st August, 2015.

29Jun 2015
Over Weight Surcharge in Dalian
In order to recover the operation cost, CNC is implementing an Over Weight Surcharge (OWS) to the corridor from Dalian to Indonesian ports on the China 2 service.
17Jun 2015
Japan Inbound CIC Implementation

Considering the equipment imbalance situation in Japan and also an increase of container reposition cost, CNC has decided to implement Container Imbalance Charge (CIC) for all laden shipments to Tokyo and Osaka in Japan.

24Apr 2015
CNC launches JTP Service

Cheng Lie Navigation will launch on May 17th, 2015 a new service connecting Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Philippines : the JTP service.