Press Release

21May 2014
Announcement: Reefer bookings to Haiphong
Following the recent unexpected situation between Chinese and Vietnam military marine vessels, CNC wish to inform you that the delivery of your container as planned may be compromised.
07May 2014
Operation Cost Recovery Adjustment
CNC will adjust the Operation Cost Recovery (OCR) for all laden shipments bound to Manila, Philippines.
29Apr 2014
CIC Implementation Announcement
CIC (Container Imbalance Charge) quantum: US 50 per TEU for Dry container, is collected in POL with effective from May 15th , 2014 (on board date)
09Apr 2014
Port Congestion Surcharge withdrawal notice
CNC has decided to withdraw Post Congestion Surcharge (PCS) for all intra-Asia shipments bound for Manila port with effective from April 15th, 2014.
09Apr 2014
Manila Operation Cost Recovery
CNC has decided to implement Operation Cost Recovery (OCR) for all intra-Asia shipments bound for Manila port at USD110 per teu with effect from April 15th, 2014.


CNC e-Newsletter #4, December 2014.pdf

CNC e-Newsletter #4, December 2014 
Japan edition.

CNC e-Newsletter #3, November 2014.pdf

CNC e-Newsletter #3, November 2014 
Vietnam edition.