Press Release

15Mar 2019
CNC Enhances China Southeast Asia Service
CNC today announced the addition of Ho Chi Minh City as a port of call by its China Southeast Asia Service (CSE).
13Mar 2019
China Terminal Handling Charge Adjustment

CNC will adjust the Terminal Handling Charge (THC) for all Central and North China outbound laden shipments.

01Mar 2019
Singapore Document Fee Adjustment
CNC have decided to adjust Singapore documentation fee for all outbound and inbound Intra Asia laden shipments.
28Feb 2019
Operation Cost Recovery Surcharge in Manila

CNC will adjust the Operation Cost Recovery Surcharge (OCR) for all China and Hongkong shipments into all Manila Ports, Philippines.

21Jan 2019
CNC Introduces New China Malaysia Service

CNC today announced the launch of a new weekly service, China Malaysia Service (CMS) which connects North, Central and South China to the niche ports of Port Klang, Penang and Pasir Gudang in Malaysia.


25Dec 2018


14Nov 2018
New Development - ANX

CNC is pleased to launch a new coverage, ANX, effective 26th Nov, from Korea to South East Asia.

31Oct 2018
Renewed BMXKCS Service

BMXKCS will keep providing our customers comprehensive direct sailing between Central, South China and Philippines, and short transit time.

18Oct 2018
New Development: NCT2

We are pleased to announce a new coverage, NCT2, linking from North China to Taiwan, effective 23 Oct.

18Oct 2018
New Development: KMC

We are pleased to announce a new coverage, KMC, linking Kaohsiung to Cebe, effective 7 Oct.


06Dec 2018
Inbound Documentation Fee Adjustment for whole China

CNC decide to adjust the Inbound Documentation Fee for all Intra Asia laden shipments into China ports. 

04Dec 2018
Manila Container Imbalance Charge Adjustment

Consider the equipment status in Manila, we will adjust the Container Imbalance Charge for all Intra Asia (Any Other Than Japan) laden shipments into Manila, Philippines.

29Nov 2018
Low Sulfur Surcharge (LSS) implementation for TW HK

In view of the new IMO regulation on Low Sulfur, CNC will introduce the Low Sulfur Surcharge (LSS) for both Taiwan and Hong Kong outbound and inbound laden shipments to cover additional costs incurred to comply with this requirements.

06Nov 2018
Manila Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) for Manila inbound cargos
CNC will implement the Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) for all Intra Asia laden shipments into Manila, Philippines.
22Oct 2018
Low Sulfur Surcharge Implementation

Shanghai & Ningbo inbound Laden shipments