Worldwide partnership

CMA CGM, acting globally in environmental protection

As a signatory of the Blue Charter of Armateurs de France (French Shipowners Association), and as a member of the Clean Cargo Group, CMA CGM affirms its commitment to the international maritime community.
CMA CGM has received numerous awards for its environmental programs.

Clean Cargo Group mobilizes companies

As  part  of the  NGO Business  for  Social  Responsibility,  the Clean Cargo Group brings shippers and carriers together in the interest of promoting sustainable development in cargo transport. The Clean Cargo Group, of which CMA CGM has been a member since 2003, has drafted measures to evaluate and improve freight transport.

The Blue Charter of Armateurs de France promotes safety and respect for the environment

The Blue Charter of Armateurs de France is a program designed to actively promote a vision and adopt specific measures aimed at maritime safety and respect for the environment. By signing the charter, CMA CGM confirms its commitment to preventing and managing the risk of pollution, reducing air emissions, and effectively managing waste and garbage.

Green Flag Initiative awards CMA CGM for lower speeds

For the second year in a row, CMA CGM has been awarded by the Port of Long Beach, California as part of its Green Flag program. By reducing maximum speeds within 20 nautical miles around the port, CMA CGM contributed to improve air quality and significantly reduced air emissions.
This award reflects CMA CGM commitment to environmental protection.