To offer ecological solutions

Developing eco-containers

Over a number of years now, innovative, eco-friendly containers have been making their appearance in the Group’s container fleet.
  • Bamboo eco-containers
    In 2005, CMA CGM was the first to develop and invest in bamboo-floored containers. The brainchild of a joint project between the Group and one of its key customers, these innovative containers have a dual purpose: to limit the use of rare tropical wood species, while improving technical performance. From a modest start of 400 teus in 2005, the Group’s fleet passed the 113,000 teu mark in 2011.
  • Low energy reefers
    In the reefer sector (specialised containers for perishable goods, requiring energy and refrigerant gases), the Group continues to assess the newest developments. The aim is always to identify the most eco-friendly solution for reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

    In January 2009, the Group invested in 2,000 reefers fitted with low energy motors which reduce electricity and fuel consumption by up to three times. This latest generation of containers is being deployed on the Group’s Antilles line for transporting bananas, saving many tonnes of fuel per trip.
  • Light Steel containers
    In September 2008, the Group entered a new phase with the introduction of a fleet of the first Light Steel containers. They are manufactured from an extremely strong High Tensile steel which saves 550kg of the high-cube container’s tare weight, without compromising its structural qualities.

    When employed on a 10,000 teu ship, these containers save up to two tonnes of fuel per day, which represents three to six tonnes of CO2 emissions.