To innovate and protect the environment

To prevent pollution at sea

In order to limit the consequences for the environment of an incident at sea, the Group improved its new ships at the design stage by locating the fuel tanks at the centre of the vessel.
Additional bilge settling tank for machinery space, and additional bilge holding tank for cargo hold.
Finally, all equipment on deck is electric to eliminate the problem of hydraulic fluid leaks.
The Group has also broken new ground by equipping its future vessels with a new pollution prevention technique called the Fast Oil Recovery System®. Developed by JLMD, this reliable, safe and simple system enables hydrocarbons to be rapidly recovered at any time.
Each tank is fitted with connecting pipes so that hot water can be injected in and hydrocarbons extracted. It works on the Archimedes’ principle where, by introducing water into the bottom of the tank naturally pushes the hydrocarbons up to the highest point, from where they can be extracted without the need for a pump.