Discover our solutions designed especially to guarantee, protect and secure your cargo, even for your most fragile merchandise.


SERENITY cargo value guarantee

A whole new approach to handle claims in case of damage to your cargo. Your coverage ensures you will be compensated regardless of circumstances or party of liability.



SERENITY container guarantee

Minimize the impact on your business in the event that our containers are accidentally damaged in your custody. 




There's no reason to feel stress over your cold treatment process as your business will not be financially impacted in case of failure. 




BARLOCK security device

Protect against theft with this simple and effective security solution.




CLIMACTIVE controlled atmosphere

Maintain the freshness of your perishables with the latest and most advanced solution that preserves the perfect atmosphere in your container.


REEFLEX liquid ready

The most economical and efficient solution for the transportation of liquids in 20' and 40' refrigerated containers. 



PHARMA reefer division

A stringent process to maintain the integrity of pharmaceutical products during shipping, in line with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP).



CONTAINER humidity control

With our range of dehumidification services, you can preserve the quality of your humidity-sensitive cargo from origin to destination.


CONTAINER garment ready

With our specially-designed containers equipped with hangers, we offer a safe and convenient solution to transport your delicate garments.



CONTAINER grade selection

Select the container grade that fits your cargo's unique requirements.